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We’re Here

Welcome, people of Earth, children of the Stars.

The time has come for the human species to make the greatest leap in the history of this planet. Eventually, each planet with Intelligent Life comes to this juncture, realizing that it is possible to leave the surface of the sphere, and explore the heavens. Soon after, each species discovers that they are not alone in this planetary adventure, and begins to encounter those of us who have been watching and waiting, nurturing the growth of each life-form in the Galactic Family.

This website is dedicated to the exploration of the direct extraterrestrial contact information and past-life memories of a growing community of professionals and Earth Ambassadors. As the amount of “channeled” information about our Star Families increases, so does the amount of disinformation and distorted translations. Although some of us are proficient channels, many of us find that direct communication can be much more effective and accurate in recording and sharing information that can help humanity through the greatest transition ever encountered.

We dance with Starships in the desert, on mountainsides, and connect with the many threads of life throughout the Universe through telepathic practice and Astral Travel. We are developing the fundamental skills to function as an interplanetary society, where no form of light communication is faster than thought.

As we collectively work to develop and unveil the technologies which enable Superluminal travel and distributed energy systems, we understand that Consciousness is the key. Together, we can end the truth embargo and reveal our collective Destiny as part of the Galactic Family.

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