Sirian Treecities

Sirian Treecities

Ála tira acca haiya! Mal si a vanya as márë órelyar! Namárië, ar nai aistalë Eldar ar Atani ar ilyë Léralieron hilya le! Eleni sílar antalyannar!

Look not to far ahead! But go now with good hearts! Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves, Men and all the Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces! (I 322).

– Elrond from The Lord of the Rings, Book II

In the joy of sunlight flickering between leaves, dancing with a rustle in the gentle breeze, held in the embrace of the ancient trees, the Sirian cities weave from the purple mountains to turquoise seas. They stand steadfast in the elder boughs, high above the shadowed ground, where the golden light plays among bridges and arches, courtyards and temples. Some rise from the ground, fingers of white stone pointing to the sky, glittering crystalline walls carved with reflections of the simple beauty of nature, whose graces consume the cities inside and out. Some cling to cliffs between cascades, where water gushes down endless indigo rock surfaces that turn violet in the sunshine, flowing from melting glaciers on snowy peaks. From villages in forests deep to waters edge, cities on mountain cliffs to the silver Starports on the icy tundra of the polar caps, Sirians accentuate their natural surroundings, magnifying the inherent beauty with honor and grace.

Humanoid Species: Elves

The Elves of the Sirian Star System vary in height, weight, and skin tone, but they are well known for their long pointed ears, almond shaped eyes, and deep gazes. Agile and lithe, they find joy and strength in running, swimming, and dancing. Their clothing and jewelry is often decorated with fine lattices that resemble the patterns in leaves, vines, and other natural life. Those that live in the forests often have light skin tone, most commonly seen on Earth in the Celtic and Nordic bloodlines. Those in the forests edge, hills and coasts often have more bronze skin, hardy from the endless light of two suns. The lightest skin is that of the Star Elves who live at the Starports in the icy polar regions of their homeworld.

Qualia & Characteristics

Elves often have heightened senses, especially of hearing and sight. Even with poor vision or damaged ears, they pick up on subtle sounds and lights and can be easily irritated by harsh audio or lighting. They have an innate sense of the languages of plants and animals, particularly trees and familiars. They form a deep bond with the biospheres they live in, and work to surface issues in the land and communities living upon it. Music touches every part of their lives, as well as play with light, whether through screens, devices, prisms, lasers, mirrors, metals or sunbeams. They are inspired by deep forests, and strengthened by Earth’s gentle golden Sunshine.


  1. Doward Nunweiler

    I would like to communicate with Sheldan Nidle by email when he recovers from his illness.

    I want to setup a group that will develop ‘free-energy’ products for aether based energies. My plan is have 6 nations become involved and develop prototypes. The I would like to get the indigenous races sooner, rather than later, to learn how to build these devices using printed circuit boards. I am a Professional engineer that has collected information about free-energy devices for about 30 years.

    My reason for focusing on the indigenous races is because they have been persecuted and have had their lands taken from them. They should be the first groups that can develop the circuits and sell them to both developed and under-developed nations.

  2. Tamara Jones

    Greetings of Gratitude!
    I am so appreciative to have found this website.
    I had watched A Unified Harmonic Matrix, at the online release, and was just on the edge of my seat! The breadth of your work is astounding, truly thank you. It was fun to watch with everyone there!! My Heart was intuitively feeling Our connection to both the micro and macro systems of the Universe, and your presentation awakened my left brain even more through your fascinating examples.
    I found the Guardian Alliance online because I was trying to understand an experience I had last year while at a training for Quantum Reiki in California. While we were in a guided meditation, the teacher unexpectedly asked us to ask, “What Star are you from?” Immediately and clearly I heard “Sirius”. At that time I had not researched Starseeds, nor really had any idea Sirius was a star anyone came from. I was glad to have not known, because I trust what came through was not from something my Ego had learned pior.
    After that course I briefly looked up Starseeds online and the information seemed so shabby, I just gave up. I’m still not sure Sirius is the only place I am from.
    I have had vivid visions of some past lives on Earth while in a workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss, and full memory and emotional recall during Kundalini White Tantric Yoga ceremony. I would like to know more, so it can help me in this life.
    But truly my heart seeks Galactic Community, and Star Family. I am visiting your website to continue to connect with others and awaken and execute the heart-based purpose I came here for. I would have loved to have taken your course on Starship Technology, especially the Body Starship!
    Many blessings of love and light to you during this magical Winter Solstice and Holiday time. I look forward to stay tuned into more of your work.

    With great respect,
    Tamara Jones

  3. Deirdre O Connell

    I would love to find out where I am from, have you any suggestions as to how I could do this? Any particular Meditations or groups I could join
    Namaste 🙏
    Deirdre 💕

  4. Piper

    Very much resonate with this… have seen and felt this in dreams. Interestingly my daughter and granddaughter were both born with pointy ears and have such large (Elvish looking) beautiful eyes that everyone comments on them.
    Both have extremely sensitive hearing and smell.
    Love that we have a place to explore and connect together✨

  5. Shannon

    Thank you. This and the Pleiadian one speak to me. I definitely see soul lineage traits I have from both. I’ve love to see one of these from Mintaka as I know I have a deep connection there and love your e pressing of the energetics of these lineage connections. Thank you.


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