Arcturian Canyons

Arcturian Canyons

Hwatum il skilfz gerdûmn! Az Knurldrâthn dûr delva. Un qroth Isidar Mithrim.

“Listen to my words! The Trees of Stone are our dear ones. Thus spoke the Star Rose.” 

– Dwarven Language, Christopher Paolini

Resonating deep in the hearts of mountains, the songs of the Arcturians boom through ancient stone halls and passages deep within the surface of their home planet. From secret pools illuminated with fluorescence to high-speed transit tunnels, Arcturian cities burrow into the red stone of their world, leveraging expert technological craftsmanship of stone along with the delicate shaping of metal hulls and crystal windows. Pyramids dot the surface cities, and giant gates open in the walls of canyons to access gargantuan halls and atria under the ground. While the surface of the planet is dry and dusty, similar in appearance to Mars under the reddish light of the red-giant star Arcturas, hidden oceans of ice and liquid water follow passages through the deep places of the world. Some of the tunneling canyons underground are so large that ships fly through them, docking at various villages blooming from the walls. Starports sprout from cavern openings, and the magic of Arcturian stone work is seen everywhere.

Humanoid Species: Genetic Masters

Over the millennia, Arcturians have intermingled with other species, and adjusted their own genetics in vastly diverse ways. For this reason, there is no fixed archetypal appearance for the Arcturian humanoid, though they do appear very similar to humans of many shapes and sizes. Their root genetics is akin to that of indigenous populations of North America and other “Red Corn People” on Earth. In their Soul genome, the energy of their homeworld and star are apparent in a sense of “solidity” and strength, and they often choose darker hair and darker eyes in their incarnation lines. The learned from the Dragons the importance of genetic tracking, and honoring ancestral lineage. They are initiated in the darkness of caverns and temples, and taught to see the light in all shadows.

Qualia & Characteristics

Arcturians are determined and many of them are strongly mission oriented, traveling the galaxy on secret or overt missions to enhance consciousness and heal ancient traumas. While most people tend to get caught up in worrying about problems and overwhelmed by shadows and challenges, Arcturians tend to thrive on solving problems and finding the silver lining in issues. Their hearts are as strong as the stone mountains and canyons of their homeworld, and instead of retreating when times get rough, they often advance quickly in a new direction. Since their genetic work in the galaxy created deep karma, particularly with the Shihaelei and the Dragons, they have in general become a very humble people, ready to acknowledge their past transgressions as soon as an opportunity arises. They often work alone and are most comfortable trusting in their own resources to achieve results. They are deeply familiar with the metaphysical dimensionality of the Universe, and often focus their lives on sharing spiritual wisdom and self-awakening practices.


  1. Sherri English

    I would like more information linking to my ancestral heritage. Thank you so very much for the article and detailed information that you could provide. I found that I resonate with Syrian but not as deeply as I do Arcturian.

  2. mAn cient


  3. Bruce

    My starseed history…

  4. Crystal

    😤😥😩…😊Ahhhh…💕 So Refreshing… There you are😊💭.. is it Hometime😃!? Ha11:44💋

  5. Patricia

    Adam, I have had this huge blessing of watching your speeches in CITD 2019 I saw you in the coffee shop in the end of the day on Monday, a short lady with a short black hair. I have thanked you for your brilliant message but I ve lost the opportunity of asking you if you are from an arcturians lineage. Please, are you?
    Thanks again for opening the doors! ✨💖✨

  6. Patricia Milani

    I got into your website for the second time now, the first was fast from my phone on CITD and I saw this page to find my Soul Family and on my mind before that I was debating with myself because I didn’t have asked you if you were from Arcturian lineage but came in my mind you smiling at me and telling me “You are”” and when I open this page I have chosen the Arcturian world with no doubt. I didn’t have related myself to the Arcturians before I mean, I have had contact in meditation and my body was scanned and healed by them before, I believe they were the only race as far as I know that I have had felt the presence. Thank you Apollo!

    • Jada

      I just watched Adam in a doc series on Gaia TV and he said he was Sirian. Hope that helps.

  7. Alexandre Lambé

    This planet looks like korriban from star wars

  8. Ruth

    I related to the Pleiadean and to this one as I have connected with both, but neither feels like me… I am from Lyra. That is not represented here. It was a system destroyed by reptilians and we scattered all over and perhaps have no home.

    • Taylor Bond

      I seem to identify with all of them equally. The Arcturians made it clear, elsewhere, however, that I’m mostly them.

  9. Ewa

    One step closer, hopefully, to get access to my past lives memories.
    Thank you so much!

  10. wolf

    Last photo, I’m sure I’ve been there.


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