LaQuinon Lightcities

Shelindrianian teliniana telea
Insheela-ma wolamya yia shay 

From death awakens Eternal Life, let us embrace its passage, for then we Live in Truth. 

LaQuinon Song of Self

The brightest radio beacon in the sky, Cassiopeia A is a supernova which swallowed the LaQuinon home-world in its planetary system. Yet the species who lived there learned to hold their energetic bodies, and that of their world, intact during this moment of transcendence. There is still a powerful light-grid where this planet used to be, and it is used by this species as a Galactic Archive Records Library. Like braids of rainbow light and geometric structures, where their cities used to be are now complex resonant pillars with multidimensional information lattices woven throughout them, and deep networks running through the interior of the planet’s lightbody. In concert with the spiraling spacetime hurricane of forces at the core of the Supernova, this Planet Lightbody acts as an Akashic transmitter, receiving and storing information from all across the Galaxy, and providing Wisdom to those who seek it. 

Lightbody Species: Archetype Arts

The LaQuinon learned to transcend their humanoid physical bodies, but also to gather elemental energies in any location to form bodies around them when they desire to interact with worlds. Stories of their visits to Earth are found in the most ancient Vedic texts. In their own journey of exploration, they began to explore the nature of the Divine through understanding all the possible Archetypes through which Consciousness expresses itself. They have tested and templated the keys of transformation and awakening through alchemizing together countless archetypes of beings of different species and time frames, with a vast assortment of environments. Entering Physical or Etheric Form at will, having learned how to vibrate their bodies into higher and lower density states, they craft libraries of scenarios and potential possibilities for any situation.

Ksenia Yakushina
Remixed by Adam Apollo

Eve Ventrue
Remixed by Adam Apollo

Jeremy Chong
Remixed by Adam Apollo

Qualia & Characteristics

The Laquinon are Elders in the Galactic Council, as their species arose during a very early period in our Galaxy’s development. Their teachings are shared and used by highly-developed beings of other species within the Galactic Council, and are of course open to anyone within the Galactic Federation of species to explore and study if they wish to do so. They love aiding all types of Beings, particularly through the path of self-realization that comes with facing polarity and all the archetypes of self. They often incarnate as other species to develop their own understandings of all paths in the Universe, and their exploration has extended far beyond this Galaxy, and across all Planes of Existence. Many experience them as Angels when they are fully revealed in their natural form, which by many Earthly definitions is highly accurate. They are generally Celestial Souls, embodying the currents of the Divine Architecture, and their freedom from physical form limitations enable them to characterize themselves as broadly as one can imagine. They are Spiritual Beings in a Spiritual World, it just happens to be that many of them also fully participate and interact in the Astral, Etheric, and Physical planes as deeply as other Galactic species and humans on Earth. A few even dive in to Earthly incarnation entirely… Legends tell of gods and goddesses, creators, keepers of Akasha.

Header & Full Width: Erial Ali
Other Art by Adam Apollo, Sources: NASA


  1. Giselle Koy

    This totally resonates! Thank you for this perfect reflection. I also know Cassiopeians were the original nine muses on Olympus, inspiring great thought leaders. This translates in my life as an elite coach for visionaries leading New Earth as well as divine architect 💜

  2. Jenni Blue Night

    Wow, Thank you so much! This was indeed perfect!


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