Shihaelei Deserts



“Stiff and unbending is the principle of death.
Gentle and yielding is the principle of life.
Thus an Army without flexibility never wins a battle.
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.
The hard and forceful will fall.
The soft and subtle will overcome.”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Header: Unknown Artist … Right: Jeff Brown … Below: Artur Zima
Remixes by Adam Apollo

In the endless expanses of flat white deserts, arching white stone and jagged crystals jut forth, cradling cities shining in the sun. Domes and parapets soar above high walls and watchtowers, ancient defensive systems still woven into the fabric of the Shihaelei culture. Soft purple skies shift and shimmer with the sparkle of white and crystaline dust, a hot and dry form of snow, often so light and powdery it dances like curls of liquid plasma, both swallowing landscapes and revealing them in radiant splendor. Under the cities and the bone white mountains, deep caverns open to gargantuan watery geodes, illuminated by bioluminescence, and curated into gardens of rich plant life where beams of daylight touch, and other lights are made by crystal oscillators in the deep. Shihaeleio is the surviving desert world of two planets, the other much like Earth, that were hit first in the onslaught of Reptilian armies that started the Orion Wars.  

Humanoid Species: Guardians

Shihaelei are Martial Artists in the deepest meaning: they practice the art of movement, mastery of embodiment, and the cultivation of the layers of the energy body. Feminine practitioners are often revered as Oracles, listening to the patterns in their bodies and the stars to glean insights into the flow of time. Masculine practitioners are often Guardians, physically training for life to travel the stars and keep the peace on many worlds. However, these gender identities are not tied to sex. Their features are similar to Oriental cultures on Earth, as their genetics seeded most of these human races. Skin tones vary from dark tan to very light, usually with dark hair, and many have slightly pointed ears.

Qualia & Characteristics

The culture of Shihaelei can be translated as a mix of Taoism, Bushido, and Tantra, and it is no accident that the colors of Tantra are the primary colors used for clothing and decoration by the Shihaelei (Red, White, & Black). These colors are connected to sexual fluids and bone (white), blood and tissues (red), and the void or space which is connected to hair and memory (black). The Shihaelei are particularly fond of tea ceremony, and make a milky white tea that incorporates the fine crystaline minerals and metals of the dust on their planet.

History: Galactic Jedi

During the early Reptilian raids of the Orion Wars, the Shihaelei had retreated to their desert fortresses, besieged by robot armies and waves of hordes. On a distant volcanic moon in a nearby star system, a small group of enslaved captives of different species (including Shihaelei) found a way to escape. Hijacking communications with help from a Pleiadian captive, they stole a freighter ship and fled towards another planet. It turned out to be a Gas Giant, with no resources or stations, and when all hope appeared lost and the group thought death was imminent, someone arrived. A massive Pleiadian Mother Ship, signaled by the Astral Distress Call of the Pleiadian escapee, approached and swallowed the freighter ship within one of countless canyons in the bottom of the garganutan structure. Its walls extending like a living structure, it docked the freighter and made an airlock passage into the Mother Ship. There the Pleiadians and other Galactic Family welcomed the refugees, and helped them return to their Desert Planet after a time. While the planet was still under siege, the Galactic Family helped the Shihaelei refugees to create a physical holographic projection device which could effectively create huge Dragon bodies around them. They used these Dragon bodies, containing their humanoid form within, to raid the attack sites on Shihaeleio. The Reptilian assault forces thought their “gods” had arrived, and were shocked and pressed into leaving the planet. It took time and many rounds of clearing, but eventually the desert planet was freed. The Shihaelei reunited with the refugees who had worn the Dragon bodies, and learned of the immense grace of the aid given by the Galactic Family. That day, many Shihaelei swore oaths to serve as Galactic Guardians, supporting species across the Galactic Family with their skills, conflict resolution capacities, and integrative Consciousness training in the face of emergencies. Thus was born the D’Jedi, Guardians of Destiny, protectors of the Central Pillar (Djed) of Consciousness.

Above: Kees Veenenbos … Crystal Cave: Artist Unknown
Male Shihaelei: NightElf87 … Female Shihaelei: Artist Unknown
City Extending into Crystal Caverns: Nurkhular … Desert: Abusimbel
Remixes by Adam Apollo

The Art of Invincibility

The Shihaelei believe that the preservation of safety and strong protection arise through focused application of consciousness towards purpose, rather than defense or resistance against some outside force. At the core of their philosophy is a simple belief:

Sacred Purpose provides Invincibility

When one is totally committed to fulfillment of their “Sacred Purpose,” nothing can stop them. If some obstacle or attack should attempt to bar a D’Jedi’s way, they may suddenly be guided to take a turn, shift their stance, or something will flag their attention, moving them just enough to avoid the obstacle or attack completely. Many people have had minor versions of this type of experience, where some plans were cancelled or a “wrong” turn was taken, and later they discovered they just missed a major accident. These “synchronicities” reveal alignment with Sacred Purpose, and extend to all sorts of events and circumstances, providing a roadmap through the challenges of Life.

For the Shihaelei, they leverage this fundamental understanding of the connection between “Flow State” and “Synchronicity” and apply it in Martial Arts, Guardianship, and more. Discover the Shihaelei’s teachings on Earth through the Guardian Alliance.

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