Yahonian Jungles

Ayawaskay mamay 
Takiy, takiy muyki
Chuya, chuya hampuypuni
Miski ñuñu cuerpo chayta…

You already know everything, all Ayahuasca does is remind you, it makes you aware of the infinite you have already known.”

Gerard Armond Powell

Deep in the Jungles and marshlands, many Yahonian villages appear to merge with nature, homes and pathways merging with the vines and tangles of life. Ancient trees form and surround temples, where deep ceremonies and Astral meditations link the lands of this planet and families among the stars. Plants are revered for their medicinal qualities and capacity for healing, transformation, and augmentation. Every plant has a song, and the Yahonians hear and sing the songs of the plants, initially for survival, and now for symbiosis. They teach that everything is alive, and that all life has something to teach us in return. 

Humanoid Species: Medicine Keepers

Yahonians vary in skin-tone and height, but generally have dark skin and bone structure that resembles either Australoid or Negroid on Earth. While there are many species on Yahonia, the most humanlike of them developed a deep relationship with Earth after joining the Galactic Council. Sitting inside giant trees, they learned to connect through the tree as an antenna to boost their awareness, enter the Astral Realm, and travel across the Galaxy. After meeting many other species of the Galactic Family who use augmentation devices to holographically view Astral entities, they began sharing their knowledge of plants and medicines, which were spread throughout the Galactic community, and eventually to Earth to help in the awakening of mankind and heal our relationship with our planet. 

Keith Christensen

Phillip Boutte Jr.

Qualia & Characteristics

Yahonians express the raw dynamics of nature, in its capacity to overcome adversity and charge through even the most challenging circumstances to forge life and spread gifts. Whether by the soft torrent of water carving canyons, or the powerful impact of an earthquake, Yahonians know how to weather storms, and leverage the wisdom of the flexibility and persistence of the plant life of forests, and the intuitive guidance of animals who know when their environment is changing. They roam from the deepest jungles through marshes and across mountains and canyons, befriending their animal companions and listening to the wisdom of the plants around them. Medicines we know on Earth which are carried by the Yahonians to many worlds include Iboga, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Kambo, Marijuana, 5MEO DMT, and more. 

Current Technology & Status

Many of the Mayan Pyramids we see on Earth are similar to the old form of temple construction on the Yahonia homeworld. Many of these Ancient stone cities are now bustling centers of Interstellar travel, upgraded through working with other Galactic Species to increase the distribution of Yahonian wisdom and bring new technologies to the Yahonian peoples. They have adapted many of the other Galactic technologies like energy systems, superluminal starships, bio-enhancements, and replication technologies for resources, yet they keep their deep Tribal connection with their planet and its many gifts of life. They bring both their grace and dexterity in navigating the wild lands and jungles to their presence as Galactic Ambassadors, and many Souls from their world have traveled to Earth to join in the great game of awakening Humanity and empowering the flow of Life on Gaia. They are seeded in the tribes of Africa, the Amazon, the Maya, and also in a few European tribes including the older parts of the Moldovian and Romanian lineages.

Above: Rodrigo Galdino

Right: Guild Wars
(Artist Unknown)


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